Address: 112-116 West High Street
Architectural Style: Neo-Classical
Year Built: 1897; c. 1900
Architect/Builder: Unknown
Original Owner: Frank Banning

This unique building is one of only two within the Downtown Mount Vernon Historic District that the facade is almost entirely executed in pressed metal.  The complex was originally constructed as two separate buildings, at two separate dates.  The eastern portion of the building, along Walnut Alley, was constructed around 1897, while the western building was constructed around 1900.  This parcel of land around the time of construction for both buildings was owned by Frank Banning.  It is unknown when the current facade was added to make the two structures appear as one, though it was likely at the time that the western unit was constructed.  The upper-facade was possesses ornate Classical Revival and Italianate design.  Between each window is a pair of Corinthian pilasters atop square rosettes.  In the center of the building is a group of four columns, where the supporting walls of each building adjoin.  The very large overhanging Italianate cornice, also of pressed metal, is supported by paired brackets.  The central brackets are exaggerated in size, further dividing the building into two distinct units even as it unifies them.  The western storefront appears to retain most, if not all, its original elements, most prominently a large wood-framed display window that projects slightly from the face of the building, supported by two stout Ionic-inspired pilasters with large square bases.  Enough architectural detailing remains in the eastern storefront to indicate that it likely had a similar, if not identical, design.



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