Address: 501 South Main Street
Architectural Style: Oriental
Year Built: 1905, altered 2004
Architect/Builder: Unknown
Original Owner: C. A. & C. Railroad

The first train pulled up to this depot in the summer of 1905.  The last passenger train to arrive and depart was Train #625 in June, 1952, north-bound for Akron.  This depot has served as a community meeting place since February 16, 1975, when it became known as "The Station Break."  The architecture of this passenger depot, once serving the Cleveland, Akron & Columbus Railroad, as well as the Pennsylvania Railroad and local daily trains, has a heavy Oriental influence.  This single story, stone and brick building is a long rectangular structure that runs parallel to the former railroad line, with a low-pitched hip roof.  A square section, with a low-pitched pyramidal roof, provides space for the main lobby, and is slightly off-center from the rest of the building.  A large portico stretches from the center of the square section.  All of the roofs are finished with red terracotta tiles, and have wide, flared overhangs supported by large brackets.



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