Location: Kokosing River, north bank, west of Viaduct
Location Type: Historical Site
Date of Significance: September 14, 1809
Year Erected: 1999

Ohio Bicentennial Commission

Longaberger Company

Johnny Appleseed Heritage Center

Ohio Historical Society

American legend Johnny Appleseed, born John Chapman on September 26, 1774 in Leominster, Massachusetts, is famous not only for introducing apple trees to large parts of Ohio, Indiana, and Illinois, but also for his leadership in conservation of the natural world.  Chapman was a humble man of great charity, and his mission of sustainable living and of non-violence to both humans and animals left an impact wherever he traveled.  He planted many nurseries along his journey through the Midwestern frontier, and arrived in Mount Vernon, Ohio as early as 1806, in time to vote in the city's first election.  A few years later, on September 14, 1809, Chapman purchased two parcels of land along the north bank of the Kokosing River, the earliest known landholdings under his name.  The deed to this parcel of land supposedly remained under Chapman's name until recent transfer to the City of Mount Vernon in 1987.  An Ohio Historical Marker is located at the top of the northern levee to commemorate Chapman's southernmost parcel of land, the majority of which is now underwater.  The second parcel of land is located on the north side of Phillips Drive, on the lot currently occupied by Holmes Tires.

Fear of Indian attack in Mansfield, Ohio, roughly 30 miles north of Mount Vernon, sent Chapman running twenty-six miles to the latter city for assistance.



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