Location: Foot of South Main Street, crossing Kokosing River
Architectural Style: Stone-Arch Bridge
Year Built: 1892
Architect/Builder: Unknown
Original Owner: City of Mount Vernon

Construction of the stone-arch South Main Street bridge crossing the scenic Kokosing River, commonly known as The Viaduct by locals, began in 1892 to replace the dilapidated wooden covered-bridge.  It is said that the bridge was designed so that a full team of horses could be turned to head in the opposite direction without having to reverse.  In any event, the Viaduct is capable of accommodating the ever-increasing traffic to and from the downtown commercial district, with a total of five lanes of vehicular traffic, three leading south and two leading north, currently in use.  The two narrow sidewalks are located along either side of the bridge.  Originally, tall, decorative wrought iron railings were placed along the outer edges of the bridge, but were replaced sometime in the mid-20th century with improved guardrails to provide greater safety to both pedestrians and motorists.



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