Address: 316 South Main Street
Architectural Style: Vernacular
Year Built: c. 1920
Architect/Builder: Unknown
Original Owner: Unknown

This small, single-story commercial building stands as a reminder of the early-20th century architectural character of this portion of South Main Street, just north of the Kokosing River.  The building was constructed around 1920 to serve as a double-storefront venue, with a 30-car covered garage in the rear.  This is one of the few buildings south of Ohio Avenue that remains from the pre-1959 Flood era.  Despite scars from several alterations along the storefronts, the building retains some fine brick detailing along the upper-facade, including brick frieze panels, and a brick diamond in the center of the staggered parapet.  Prior to this building, this site was home to a Lord-Kelly Studebaker garage in 1913, and in 1917 served as an auto garage for Jim Neighbarger and Charles Fairchild.



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