Address: 216 South Main Street
Architectural Style: Italianate
Year Built: c. 1870s, altered 2007
Architect/Builder: Unknown
Original Owner: W. W. Miller

This tall three-story Italianate building was constructed sometime in the 1870s for both commercial and residential use.  It was likely constructed by W. W. Miller, who owned the property in the late-19th century.  Miller is believed to have been a banker and a local insurance agent.  The building retains the original plain stone sills and arched bracketed stone lintels.  The pressed-metal cornice is interesting in that instead of utilizing traditional frieze panels or painting between the stylized brackets, the space reveals the exposed brick of the building.  The original storefront was removed at an unknown date, most likely sometime in the 1980s, but was recently reconstructed to model the 1870s wood-frame design.  There is a deeply recessed entrance, and the display window is divided into two segments by a thick wood mullion.  A three-part transom, with a narrower three-paneled entablature, completes the storefront's historical appearance.



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