Address: 210-212 South Main Street
Architectural Style: Federal
Year Built: c. 1840s, altered c. 1930s, 1973
Architect/Builder: Unknown
Original Owner: Unknown

Most likely constructed in the late-1840s, the Shaffer Building's exterior underwent severe alterations in the 1930s, which nearly ruined the underlying front.  What is visible today is a 1973 reconstruction of the original early-19th century facade, accurately designed by careful study of historic photographs of the building, and executed with much of the building's historic brick and using period appropriate bonding material.  Three stories high, this building retains its original ground-level commercial and upper-level residential design.  The two ground-level storefronts are mirror images of each other.  They consist of a recessed entrance and two adjacent display windows atop solid wood and plaster panels.  Both storefronts are defined by white sandstone blocks.  The rear elevation is the only unaltered section of the mid-19th century, soft-brick structure.



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