Address: 225-229 South Main Street
Architectural Style: Art-Deco
Year Built: c. 1930
Architect/Builder: Unknown
Original Owner: Unknown

This building stands out as one of the few Art Deco buildings within downtown Mount Vernon.  Most likely constructed in the early-1930s and prominently features on the northwest corner of the South Main Street and Ohio Avenue intersection, this one-story orange-brick building stands as an example of Mount Vernon's commercial expansion in the early-20th century.  The main facade, facing South Main Street, is divided into three storefronts.  The most distinctive feature of this building is the cornice and roofline.  Five short and narrow square towers with thin recessed panels that sport their own miniature sandstone sill in the front of the building.  Between these towers are short segments of copper Roman tiling.  Running the perimeter of the building, just beneath the roofline, is a band of brick detailing in an inverted triangle pattern.  Two narrow horizontal bands of carved sandstone also  run the perimeter of the building, and between these two elements at each exposed corner are small sandstone quoins.



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