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Address: 211 South Main Street
Architectural Style: Vernacular
Year Built: 1904, renovated 2009
Architect/Builder: Unknown
Original Owner: Unknown

Located one lot south of the southwest corner of South Main and Gambier Streets, this early-20th century structure is a prominent feature of downtown Mount Vernon.  Recently purchased by Mount Vernon Nazarene University to use as classrooms and an art gallery, the interior has undergone intense renovation.  The front facade, painted white, retains many of its original architectural features.  The windows retain their original configuration and stylistic design.  They are primarily rectangular, grouped in twos and threes, with four of the windows slightly arched at the top.  The sills are made of rock-faced gray stone.  The southernmost 2nd-story window possesses two small, vertical, rounded stone projections centered under each pane.  Historic photographs reveal that these are remnants of what was once a shallow oriel window.  Four evenly spaced piers, beginning just below the 2nd-story belt-course, create a more unified appearance to this otherwise asymmetrical facade.



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