Address: 136 South Main Street
Architectural Style: Colonial Revival
Year Built: 1962
Architect/Builder: Unknown
Original Owner: First Federal Savings & Loan Assn.

This building is located on the site of Benjamin Butler's homestead, one of Mount Vernon's founding fathers, whose home also served as the city's first tavern.  This mid-20th century building is of Colonial Revival style, with heavy influences of the Georgian Revival subset.  One of the most distinct features of this building is its large portico supported by six tall, slender, fluted Tuscan columns.  The portico rests on a slightly raised platform.  The entrance is composed of large display windows with aluminum muntins, and a central glass entrance and in the portico's entablature.  The stone window's walk, with spindle balusters, is a distinct element common in many larger Colonial buildings.  The bank is defined by a central square cupola that is topped with a rounded copper cap and weathervane.



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