Address: 116 South Main Street
Architectural Style: Neo-Classical
Year Built: 1937
Architect/Builder: Unknown
Original Owner: Candyland

This establishment has served the Mount Vernon community for over 100 years as a bakery, sweets shop, deli, and most recently, fine dining.  The current building was constructed in 1937 to replace an earlier 19th-century structure, which was the home of the popular sweets parlor, "Candyland."  Candyland began in 1911 when Fred Surlas and Peter J. Francis came to Mount Vernon from Youngstown, Ohio to start a restaurant that would feature a candy and ice cream bar on the 2nd floor.  In the 1920s, growing demands for higher quality food options than candy and ice cream prompted the owners to add the Alcove Room, which provided a more wholesome menu of soups and sandwiches.  When it again became necessary to expand in the 1930s, the business discarded the name "Candyland" in favor of "The Alcove," in honor of this famous dining lounge when it constructed this new building on the same site as the old.

The 2nd-story windows have semi-circular transoms with rounded brick lintels and large, exaggerated stone keystones.  Above the windows are three plain, undecorated sandstone frieze panels.  The ground-level storefront is constructed using white stone blocks.  The building's facade has been defaced with a faux-brick overlay, but was restored in 1997 to its original mid-1930s brick facing.



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