Address: 125 South Main Street
Architectural Style: Art-Deco
Year Built: c. 1930s
Architect/Builder: Unknown
Original Owner: Unknown

This two-story commercial building is reflective of the downsizing movement common in downtown Mount Vernon in the early-20th century.  Faced with blond brick, the beauty of this building is bound in its simplicity and subtle detailing.  The most distinctive feature of this building are two yellow sandstone diamonds centered above the 2nd-story windows, midway between these windows and the small stepped parapet.  The windows are of a form common in many late-Art Deco buildings, grouped in sets of three with smaller fixed upper-sashes.  The lower sashes are two times the size of the upper sashes.  The light blond bricks are configured in a running bond, creating a delicate, smooth surface finish to the building.  The storefront display windows possibly date to the time of construction, but are reminiscent of earlier turn-of-the-century forms found in the Downtown Mount Vernon Historic District, with wooden frames and resting on top of panels.



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