Address: 16 South Main Street
Architectural Style: Italianate
Year Built: c. 1880s
Architect/Builder: Unknown
Original Owner: First-Knox National Bank

This building was the original home of First National Bank, which later merged with the Knox National Bank to become what is now First-Knox National Bank.  The bank vault remains intact, giving the interior of this commercial unit a distinct flavor.  This long, narrow brick Italianate building stands at a soaring three stories, extending a full half city block.  This structure was covered with stucco in recent years, removing all but a hint of its original intimate architectural features.  The original design of the roofline, with its wide overhanging cornice and large, stylized brackets, remains as the only indication of the building's original grandeur.  All of the 3rd-story windows have been covered with stucco, though the hoodmolds remain preserved underneath, which creates interesting three-dimensional geometric projections just beneath the cornice.  The 2nd story windows remain uncovered.  Although the hoodmolds have been removed, this was done sometime prior to the 1950s.  At the rear of the building, located in the southeast corner, is a storefront with exposed brick, a single-pane window with wood sill, and a plain deeply recessed doorway.  Upper-story office and residential spaces are present and fully operational within this building, which are accessed through a small staircase along East Vine Street.  Like many other commercial buildings located in the downtown district, the 3rd floor had a large hall for public meetings, fraternal organizations, and general social gatherings.



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