Address: 11 South Mulberry Street
Architectural Style: Vernacular
Year Built: c. 1920s
Architect/Builder: Unknown
Original Owner: Milton S. Lewis

Like other buildings located in this section of downtown Mount Vernon, this small, single-story brick building was constructed for the dual purpose of an automobile dealership and repairs garage.  Originally constructed by Milton S. Lewis, this building served the community as one of several auto showrooms for nearly 40 years.  In 1933, it housed Mount Vernon Motor Sales, operated by J. M. Woolison and A. J. Nixon.  It later served as a Dodge Plymouth dealership until sometime around 1960, at which time K. Allin Kahrl purchased the building.  Mr. Kahrl then remodeled the showroom space for offices, and the repair shop to serve as employee parking.  The building retains its original features with little alteration.  In the center of the building above the storefront is a rectangle that appears to have been used for signage.  On either side of this is a square Queen Anne stained-glass window, with a large central pane of glass bordered by sixteen smaller panes.  The only other architectural adornments to this building are two square parapets, one at each corner of the main facade.



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