Address: 206 East High Street
Architectural Style: Jacobethan Revival
Year Built: 1930; extended 1953
Architect/Builder: Unknown
Original Owner: Saint Vincent de Paul Roman Catholic Church

The school was founded in 1858 by the Saint Paul de Vincent Roman Catholic Church, adjacent to this facility, but it was not until 1930 that this building was erected.  While it continues to operate as an elementary school (preschool to eighth grade), 1968 was the last high school class to roam its halls.

The front facade, facing East Chestnut Street, possess only ground-level windows, and a large window second-story window above the entryway.  The entrance is clearly defined by the use of white limestone, and is projected slightly away from the remainder of the brick building.  The entrance is covered by a Tudor-style arch, which the deeply recessed, heavy double-door also mimics.  On either side of the doorway is a brick inlay in the shape of a cross set in the limestone blocks.  At the very top of the entrance, soaring above the roofline, is a stone cross.  The roofline is slightly crenellated around the entire building.  The extension to the rear, executed in a more orange-colored brick, was added in 1953, using similar Renaissance inspired window treatment as the earlier portion of the building.



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