Address: 604 East High Street
Architect/Builder: Italianate
Year Built: 1878
Architect/Builder: Unknown
Original Owner: Col. Alexander Cassil

Civil War veteran Colonel Alexander Cassil built his home in 1878, and may have had a hand in its design.  As part of his military career, he received some training as an engineer.  He put his skills to use upon his return to Mount Vernon by building railroads as the City Engineer.

Set far back from the street on a large double lot, the house is surrounded by a number of large, ancient oak trees.  It is because of these trees that Mount Vernon residents quickly began to refer to Col. Cassil's home as "The Oaks."  The Oaks is a superb example of the Italian Villa style.  Paired bracket support the wide overhanging cornice, as well as the eaves of the bay window.  Two smaller wings project from the main building, and stone lintels protect all of the windows.  Many of the original interior elements have also been preserved.



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