Address: 504 East High Street
Architectural Style: Second Empire
Year Built: 1874
Architect/Builder: Unknown
Original Owner: Alfred R. McIntire

The house was built by Alfred R. McIntire in 1874, very shortly after he was admitted to the bar.  After graduating from Ohio Wesleyan University, he joined the Union army and saw active duty in the Civil War.  After he was injured during one of his campaigns, he came back home to Mount Vernon and became a successful lawyer.

The home's Second Empire architecture is a unique style along East High Street.  It is defined by a steep mansard roof with carved wooden details in the dormers, and frieze panels between the cornice brackets.  The elaborate front porch is most likely a later addition, but original features such as the segmental windows, double-doors with an arched transom, and stone block foundation remain intact.  The rear addition, which includes a large attached garage, was built in the 1950s.  However, the construction of this addition was done compliment, not detract, from the main portion of the house.



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