Address: 501 East High Street
Architectural Style: Queen Anne
Year Built: c. 1900
Architect/Builder: Unknown
Original Owner: S. W. Aldorf

The home was built around 1900 by J. Patterson for his son-in-law, Sovein W. Alsdorf.  Both men were prominent citizens of Mount Vernon.  Patterson, who lived next door, was a ticket agent for one of the railroad lines, and Alsdorf was a banker.  This large brick home has a number of features that are distinctive to the Queen Anne style, including an octagonal projection, a steep slate roof with overhanging eaves, and large columned front porch with a spindle balustrade.  A small dormer window projects from the roof, and features three small windows.  All of the windows, of all shapes and sizes, have plain stone lintels.



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