Address: 101 East High Street
Architectural Style: Gothic Revival
Year Built: 1836-1839
Architect/Builder: C. P. Buckingham
Original Owner: Saint Paul's Episcopal Parish

The building was begun in 1836 to house Saint Paul's Episcopal Parish.  Although its membership has been traditionally small in number, it has maintained a high level of influence in Mount Vernon, as many of its communicants have been prominent leaders in the community since its founding.  The church greatly contributes to the historic and architectural fabric of the area.

The church has changed little in appearance since its completion in 1839.  Saint Paul's is an excellent example of Gothic Revival style as engineered by C. P. Buckingham.  Its distinguishing features include two tall steeples with lancet and arched openings, corner buttressing, and pointed finials, which tower on either side of the front facade.  Of particular interest, however, is the stained glass wheel window, which rests above the small, arched vestibule.  Note also the lancet arched windows with carved tracery and stone-capped buttresses, which alternate along the church's side walls. Surrounding the entire church is a large lawn enclosed by an iron fence with stone fence posts.

In 1875, a recessed chancel and vesting room were added, and in 1929, stone veneer was applied to the original brick walls.  The interior, which is usually open for prayer and meditation, is noted for its intricately carved woodwork, especially the very fine reredos above the carved wood altar.



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