Address: 400 North Gay Street
Architectural Style: Italianate
Year Built: c. 1871
Architect/Builder: John C. Spindler
Original Owner: John C. Spindler

The home was built around 1871 by John C. Spindler, who, according to an 1876 directory, was a draftsman.  Since he would have had knowledge of construction, he may have been somewhat responsible for the home’s design.

Steeply pitched gables, segmental windows, an ornate front porch, and a transom above a set of double-doors, are among this unusual home’s Italianate features.  A side porch gently blends into a bay window by skillful use of its small bracketed cornice.  Dormers with segmental windows project form the gable to give natural light to the 2nd floor.



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