Address: 405 North Main Street
Architectural Style: Gothic Revival
Year Built: c. 1850
Architect/Builder: William Tinsley (?)
Original Owner: Potwin Family

The building was built around 1850 from plans attributed to William Tinsley, a noted architect specializing in the Gothic Revival style.  At the time, Tinsley had recently finished his tenure in designing campus additions at Wabash College and was now involved in some of Kenyon College’s buildings, including the iconic Ascension Hall and Quarry Chapel in nearby Gambier.  Tinsley also designed the Columbus School for the Blind, now the state capitol’s Health Department, and the Knox County Infirmary in Bangs, Ohio. Because of its most interesting history and well-preserved architectural features, the home contributes greatly to the area’s cultural fabric.

The home retains many of its original Gothic Revival characteristics, including steep gables, delicate tracery along the eaves, and quatrefoil trim.  Lancet windows, hoodmolds, and bay window are other original features.  A kitchen and dining room wing may have been added in the late-19th century, along with alteration of its chimneys.  The interior is nicely preserved with many richly detailed Gothic Revival features.



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