The  Gambier Historic District was listed on the National Register of Historic Places on March 27, 2000 by Roy A. Hampton III.

The Village of Gambier is located in College Township, in the east central area of Knox County.  The contributing buildings in this district date from 1826 to 1949, including a small central commercial district and residential neighborhoods to the east, west, and north.  Kenyon College began selling land in Gambier to private buyers around 1852.  These houses generally fall into two groups.  The first group consists of houses built by Kenyon College, its professors and administrators, or by affluent business owners of Gambier.  These houses are usually located close to the Chase/Gaskin corridor or near the Kenyon College campus, and are generally sizable residences on large lots with generous setbacks from the street.  The second group of residences are smaller houses built by tradesmen, wage workers, and farmers.  These buildings are more closely spaced, are often built on smaller lots, and are usually modest in scale.


District Properties