Address: 102 West Woodside Drive
Architectural Style: Colonial Revival
Year Built: c. 1917
Architect/Builder: Unknown
Original Owner: Unknown

(Note: Image is of the side elevation of the house, not the original main facade)

This house is not as elaborate as some Colonial Revival homes of this time period are, but its layout reveals that it was situated on this property before Woodside Drive was a proper road.  The facade facing Woodside Drive is a side elevation of this T-shaped house.  The original front facade faces Chase Avenue, showing that when the house was constructed it may have had a long drive that came off of this road.  The original main entrance is centrally located and defined by a small Colonial Revival portico supported by slender turned columns.  Another Colonial Revival feature are the two wall dormers extending from the roof, and a centrally placed chimney.  All of the windows retain simple lintels.  The contemporary main facade, facing Woodside Drive, is defined by a large porch with a hipped roof supported by plain square columns.  The porch was most likely added in the mid-20th century.



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