Address: 300 East Wiggin Street
Architectural Style: Greek Revival, Italianate
Year Built: c. 1860
Architect/Builder: Unknown
Original Owner: Unknown

Little is known about previous owners.  The 1871 atlas lists the owner of the property as W. Sharp, and by 1896 it is under ownership of a Mrs. Sapp.  This house was likely built around the time of the Civil War, and is an example of transitional architecture where old favorite styles are combined with new architectural elements to create a unique hybrid.  The house is similar in size and shape to Italianate architecture, but has front gable roof more commonly seen in Greek Revival homes.  The front door is not centered, nor is the front porch.  This porch was most likely added sometime in the early 20th century, and features slender square columns topped by scrollwork brackets.



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