Address: 207 East Wiggin Street
Architectural Style: Tudor Revival
Year Built: 1904, 1935, 1957
Architect/Builder: Unknown
Original Owner: Unknown

The land on which Wiggin Street Elementary stands was reserved as "public school grounds" as early as 1871, but no building existed on this land.  There was a school built by 1896, most likely a simple wood-frame structure.  Gambier Pubilc School, now Wiggin Street Elementary, constrcuted in 1904 and served as the Village of Gambier's high school.  The original part of the building was T-shaped, and the entranced marked by turrets in the Tudor Revival style.  An addition was made in 1935 to the east side of the building that nearly doubled the size of the school.  Other additions to the rear of the building were completed in 1957.  In 1960, the Gambier school merged with the nearby Mount Vernon school district, with the Gambier Street Public School used solely as an elementary school.  The building served as a community center from the late-1970s to the early-1980s, when it became an elementary school again, which it remains today.


The original, T-shaped school building was constructed in 1904 on top of an exposed sandstone foundation, likely using stones taken from the nearby quarry that supplied building material for many of the structures on the Kenyon College campus.  The rest of the structure is composed of brick with stone frames around the windows, doors, and to highlight general architecture details.  Windows on the first and second floors are grouped in pairs, with thick stone frames and mullions.  "1904" is prominently inscribed above the main entranced, which is framed by a Tudor Revival arch and flanked by large castle-like turrets topped with stone caps.  The 1935 addition was constructed to the east of the original building.  It is the same height as the 1904 structure, and although it is not as elaborate, blends very well in architectural style.  Other additions were built to the rear of the school in 1957.  These were constructed with concrete blocks, but are not visible from Wiggin Street.



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