Address: 104 East Wiggin Street
Architectural Style: Greek Revival; Italianate
Year Built: c. 1857
Architect/Builder: Unknown
Original Owner: Unknown

This house was built in the early-1850s by the Elder family, and was later owned by C. G. Scott, who for many years maintained a general store in Gambier.  By 1871 it was owned by Benjamin Casteel, brother of Otho Casteel.  The Casteel family moved to Union Township in 1842, when the father, Mishick, died there after a few short months.  Otho was born on March 4, 1836 in Howard Township, Knox County, and likely owned, or at least lived in, the house by 1881, sharing the home with his mother Mary.  There is not a lot of information available about Benjamin, but Otho worked as a farmer until 1871, when his interests shifted to butchering, likely to taek over his father-in-law's business.  Otho married Sarah E. Hutcheson (also spelled Hutchinson) in June 1860, the daughter of Gambier butcher Alexander B. Hutcheson.  The couple settled in the wife's hometown of Gambier.  The property was transferred to A. Scott by 1896.

This house is a fine example of a simple, middle-class Greek Revival home.  The slightly off-center windows in the first and second floors indicates that the house was built for function, rather than pure design.  The window located in the gable peak is centered beneath the wide overhanging eaves.  The main entrance is protected by a small stick style porch that gives it a Gothic Revival feel by creating Gothic arch type openings between columns.  A one and a half story addition on the west side of the building was most likely constructed in the late-19th century, as it appears on the 1897 Sanborn map of this area.  It has a saltbox type construction for the roof, which slopes to a single story in the rear.  There is a second story and a half addition at the rear of the main house, the gable roof mirroring the the moderate slope of the rest of the house.



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