Address: 221 Ward Street
Architectural Style: Federal
Year Built: c. 1827; 2001
Architect/Builder: Unknown
Original Owner: Unknown

Said to be the oldest residential structure in Gambier, this house was one of four built by Kenyon College's founder, Bishop Philander Chase, in the late-1820s as temporary housing for students.  It was later owned by John Waugh, a tailor and reputed miser who lent money to students so they could attend the college.  Waugh was born on Christmas Day, 1816 in Washington County, Maryland.  His father died before his birth, and his mother remarried to a Timothy Downing.  At the age of six, Waugh was bound to Joseph Brown, who became his legal guardian.  Waugh remained with him for a single year, then moved to Knox County with Philip H. Brown, who had bought a farm in Monroe Township.  Waugh worked on the Brown farm for fifteen years when, at the age of 21, he had finally arrived at the age of adulthood.  He moved to Mount Vernon where he became a tailor's apprentice for five years.  At the end of his apprenticeship, Waugh moved to Gambier to form a partnership with a Mr. Williams.  In 1896, Williams retired after seven years and Waugh continued the tailoring business on his own.  He was able to save enough money to by 240 acres of prime farmland in College Township, as well as an additional 720 acre tract of land in Story County, Iowa.

The home was moved to this site from its original location on Wiggin Street in the 1936 to ensure its preservation, and to make way for the Kenyon College Alumni House.  This house is composed of three bays with a central entrance.  The chimney is slightly offset from the center of the moderately pitched roof.  The wide, full-length porch was added sometime in the early-2000s.  Its hipped roof is supported by a series of slender Tuscan style columns.  A large garage has been attached to the north side of the building, but is similar in design the house.  A larrge rear addition mimics the original structure, and does not detract from the house's historic fabric.



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