Address: 213 Ward Street
Architectural Style: Colonial Revival
Year Built: c. 1885; c. 2000s
Architect/Builder: Unknown
Original Owner: Unknown

This 3-bay, two story Colonial Revival house likely dates to the late-19th century.  Defining features include the central entrance protected by a Classical portico supported by slender Tuscan columns, and the side-gable layout with cornice returns on the steep pitched roof.  The north extension of the house was added sometime in the early 2000s, also in the Colonial Revival Style, with a similarly pitched roof and two gabled dormer windows, also with cornice returns.  The sandstone chimeny extending between the main house and the addition is likely original to the home.  A small single-story kitchen exists in the rear of the house.  Shutters have been removed from the home, which slightly diminishes the Colonial Revival character of the home.



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