Address: 105 Park Street
Architectural Style: Queen Anne
Year Built: c. 1890; c. 1970
Architect/Builder: Unknown
Original Owner: Unknown

The home was built sometime around 1889 for Elizabeth Angeline (Hays) Workman, the widow of local farmer Mark Workman.  Mr. Workman was born in Buckeye City (now part of the Village of Danville, in Knox County) on April 19, 1852.  He taught in the local common school for a time until his marriage to Angeline on December 27, 1876.  Very soon after their union the couple moved to a farm in Pleasant Township, where Mr. Workman returned to the life of an agriculturalist.  Angeline continued to live on this farm until 1889, four years after Mr. Workman's death on April 11, 1885.  It was at that time that she decided to move to Gambier and to build this beautiful house.  She did decide to keep the 297-acre farm even though she chose not to live there.

While it is not as elaborate a structure as some of the most iconic homes built in the Queen Anne style,  it is an excellent example of the typical middle-class Queen Anne home popular in the late-19th and early-20th centuries.  It has multiple gables and wall projections, as well as decorative elements such as ocular windows surrounded by fish scale siding in the gable ends.  The large front porch is also iconic of the Queen Anne style.  The porch roof is supported by six smooth, round Tuscan columns.  The front of the house also features a small gabled dormer window.  A two-story bay window is present on the southern facade, and features decorative brackets above each of the corner windows.



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