Address: 103 Park Street
Architectural Style: Vernacular; Federal
Year Built: c. 1855; c. 1870
Architect/Builder: Unknown
Original Owner: Unknown

This home was most likely built by John Clements in the 1850s, who was one of the founders of Harcourt Parish.  He served as a parish vestryman for many years.  Later the house was owned by Edward Riley, who kept a livery in Gambier and was a librarian for Kenyon College.

The house appears to be a late manifestation of a Federal style townhouse, though several generations of additions and other alterations have masked its original form.  It is two stories tall, and what is likely the original part of the house, facing Park Street, is only two bays wide.  The entrance in a separate, single-story structure on the north end.  The large two story addition off of the northeast corner was likely built in the late 1870s or early-1880s.



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