Address: 127 Meadow Lane
Architectural Style: Greek Revival; Italianate
Year Built: c. 1864
Architect/Builder: Unknown
Original Owner: Unknown

Little is known about the history of this house, which was likely constructed sometime around 1875 by Edwin P. Webster, who was an agent and operator for the Cleveland, Mt. Vernon & Columbus Railroad.  Webster was born on December 6, 1849 in Summit County, Ohio, and attended the Bissell Institute in Twinsburg.  He moved to Dawson, Pennsylvania in 1872 to serve as a night telegraph operator.  Webster held this position for only six months when in February, 1873 he moved to Gambier.  It was at this time that he accepted the position or rail operator.  Two years later in 1875 he married his wife, Sarah R. Cheyney of Dawson, Pennsylvania.

This house is one of those structures that shows the mishmash of architectural styles that occurs when a builder combines the best of older designs with up-and-coming architectural styles.  In this case, the main part of the house uses the overall form of a Greek Revival home, but the decorative elements of the Italianate style.  Features of the Greek Revival include the 3-bay facade in the main section of the house, which stands two stories tall with a front gable roof.  The entrance is not located in the center of the building, another common feature, that has a small transom supported by square pilasters protected by a segmental arch canopy.  The tall windows with segmental arch lintels are more inline with Italianate design, and the large picture window in the center of the first floor is an early-20th century alteration.  The southern one and one-half wing has a gabled dormer window extending from the center of the roof, and has a small porch supported by slender square columns.



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