Address: 109 Meadow Lane
Architectural Style: Vernacular; Italianate
Year Built: c. 1870s; c. 1910
Architect/Builder: Unknown
Original Owner: Unknown

The property was owned in 1871 by Robert Wright, a respected builder in Knox County.  It is likely that he built the first part of this house sometime in the early- to mid-1870s, most likely as a rental property.  By 1896 it was owned by a Mrs. Dial, and in 1900 by Laura Dial, who likely inherited the home from her father, James Dial, a College Township native.  James was born on March 26, 1834 to a farming family.  He served in the Civil War under Captain William Walker in the 43rd Ohio Volunteer Infantry, Company K before he was discharged 3 years, 9 months later in August 1865.  When he returned home, he began working in Gain's grist mill, where he would eventually become a part owner.  James married Catherine Lauderbaugh on October 18, 1868, when he began farming in addition to milling.

This house appears to have been built in at least two phase, with two distinct styles.  The large Italianate part of the building that faces Meadow Lane was built after the main rear section, which began as a simple one and a half story gable-front home, similar to others found in Gambier that were constructed for middle-class families around this time.  The large 2-story Italianate addition, almost an entire house in itself, was most likely constructed sometime around 1910.  Although this addition does not retain cornice brackets, if they ever existed, the wide overhanging hip roof and tall narrow windows are all in line with modest Italianate architecture.




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