Address: 107 Meadow Lane
Architectural Style: Vernacular
Year Built: c. 1855; c. 1990
Architect/Builder: Unknown
Original Owner: Unknown

Albert G. Scott, a Gambier merchant, owned this house in 1871, most likely as a rental property as he lived in a large house on Brooklyn Street.  By 1896 the house had transferred to a member of the Gorsuch family.  The design of the house is similar in design to those middle-class abodes constructed immediately before and during the Civil War.  What began as a simple cross-gable home has been expanded over the years to offer greater living space.  The large porch that wraps from the front of the house around to the south elevation was likely added sometime in the early-20th century.  There is a small oriel window extending from the first floor of the south side that was added around the same time as the large second story at the rear of the house, completed sometime in the early 1990s.  The house has also been clad in modern board and batten style siding, and the window tucked beneath the gable of the front of the house is reminiscent of Queen Anne design.



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