Address: 105 Kokosing Drive
Architectural Style: Gothic Revival
Year Built: c. 1871
Architect/Builder: Unknown
Original Owner: Kenyon College

The Lambda Chapter of Delta Kappa Epsilon was organized at Kenyon College in 1852, and to years later in 1854 erected what is reputed to be the first fraternity lodge in the United States, which was located no this site.  The first lodge was a small structure made with rough logs.  This building was razed in 1871 to make way for the Gothic Revival lodge that stands on this site today.  The building is a superb example of a board and batten rural Gothic Revival chapel-like structure.  It is unlikely that many other fraternity lodges of this type ave been continuously occupied since the early-1870s, or that there are many that are as well-preserved as this building.  President Rutherford B. Hayes is among the Lambda Chapter's most distinguished members.


The entire structure rests on a raised sandstone block foundation.  The entrances faces east, and is reached by a series of five sandstone block steps.  The lancet style door is decorated with heavy iron hinges and straps.  In the center or the steep gable is wood tracery shaped like a diamond that surrounds the Greek letters of Delta Kappa Epsilon.  The south and north walls each have four blind lancet windows.




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