Address: 100 Kokosing Drive
Architectural Style: Greek Revival
Year Built: c. 1830; 1942
Architect/Builder: Unknown
Original Owner: Kenyon College

Bishop Francis Key Brooke was the son of the distinguished Professor John Thomas Brooke, clergyman of the diocese of Ohio and Professor of Rhetoric and Philosophy at Kenyon College from 1847 to 1853.  Francis was born in this house on November 2, 1852, and graduated from Kenyon in 1874.  The following year, on November 21, 1875 at the age of 23, Brooke was ordained as a deacon over Christ Church of Cincinnati, Ohio.  He served as a priest in several churches throughout Ohio and the Midwest before he returned to Kenyon, where he earned his master's degree in 1881 before continuing his theological career.  Brooke married his wife, Mildred Ruth Baldwin, on January 5, 1881.  He earned his doctorate degree in Divinity fro Kansas Theological School in 1893, and another from the University of the South in 1911.  Bishop Brooke served as a trustee for Kenyon College at some point during his life, but he is best known as the Episcopal Bishop of Oklahoma.  He received this honor in 1907, but prior to that had also been the bishop of the Indian Territory.  Bishop Brooke was buried in Gambier following his death on October 22, 1918.

This house is one of the three original frame buildings of Kenyon College, used as a residence for the institution's professors.  It originally stood on campus just north of Rosse Hall.  The home was moved to its current location in 1911 by Brooke's widow to ensure its preservation as new college buildings were scheduled for construction.  The original part of the house is the one and one half story wing with the two Italianate style porches.  By 1897 there was a wing added to what is now the west side of the house.  This wing was extended sometime around 1942, likely around the same time as what is now the front porch was partially enclosed.



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