Address: 206 Gaskin Avenue
Architectural Style: Tudor Revival
Year Built: c. 1936
Architect/Builder: Unknown
Original Owner: Kenyon College

Kenyon College built this house in 1936, most likely as housing for professors or administrators.  Like many Tudor Revival houses constructed in the early-20th century, this house lacks some of the finer ornamentation found in earlier Revival designs and favors simplistic, idealized notions of medieval architecture.  It has a steeply pitched cross gable roofline, and is constructed with brick rather than stone or lumber.  The only half-timber elements found in the house are the two wall dormer windows on the north side of the house.  The main entrance is located on the west, facing Gaskin Avenue, and consists of a segmental arch wood door.  Two large picture windows are in the ell to the right of the door, and are filled with multiple panes of rectangular glass instead of diamond-shaped, as is typically found in earlier versions of Tudor Revival architecture.



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