Address: 104 Gaskin Avenue
Architectural Style: Colonial Revival
Year Built: c. 1850
Architect/Builder: Unknown
Original Owner: Unknown

Levi Nichols built this home sometime in the 1850s, possibly as late as 1857.  It was later owned by Sabin R. Doolittle for over 40 years, who bought the property sometime before 1871.  Doolittle was born in 1838 in Fredericktown, Ohio, in the northwest corner of Knox County.  He moved to Gambier in 1865 to establish a general store, stocking dry goods, hardware, agricultural implements, groceries, and "notions," which were the latest novelty items of the day.  Doolittle served Harcourt Parish as a vestryman for 44  years.

The house is a two-story Colonial Revival brick structure with side gables and symmetrical facade.  The windows have six panes of glass in each sash, and are defined by stone lintels and sills.  The lintels at the front of the house are slightly pedimented, and the sills are supported by brackets.  The central door is topped by a classical entablature with simple square pilasters, and would originally have had a transom.  A two-story wood frame addition to the rear was constructed at an unknown date, but is similar in design to the main brick portion of the house.



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