Address: 100 Duff Street
Architectural Style:  Vernacular; Barn
Year Built: c. 1870; c. 1910
Architect/Builder: Unknown
Original Owner: Unknown

A house appears on this site as early as 1871, at which time the property was owned by E. Riley.  By 1896 it was owned by W. Durbin.  It is a simple one and a half house with a side gable.  The long ell at the rear was likely added in the late-19th century, though it is difficult to determine exactly when this expansion occurred.  A wide, full-length front porch is also a later addition.  The tracery between each column, each with decorative brackets, and the delicate spindle ballustrade were influenced by Stick Style elements, a subset of Queen Anne architecture.  The early-20th century barn to the south of this house shows the use of pre-cut, machine-sawed lumber and mass-produced nails.





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