Address: College Drive
Architectural Style: Tudor Revival
Year Built: 1941
Architect/Builder: Charles Bacon Rowley Associates
Original Owner: Kenyon College

This facility was constructed in 1941 to give Kenyon College a superior facility for its public speaking and theater programs, with funds supplied by 1883 graduate Charles Shaffer.  This was one of the last buildings constructed on the Kenyon campus that wholeheartedly carried on the medieval revival character of the college's 19th century architecture.  The Hill Theater, located inside this building, was the site of a 1947 student play featuring well-known actor and philanthropist Paul Newman, who graduated from Kenyon College in 1949.  Hill Theater was used as the primary space for productions until 1978, when Bolton Theater was completed.  A small connector links the speech building to Bolton theater.

This is one of the last buildings constructed on the Kenyon College campus in the medieval, Tudor Revival style.  A large three-story tower rises from the northwest corner of the building, with a Tudor arch doorway, casement windows, and crenelated cornice supported by corbels.  The entire building is faced with sandstone, like the majority of buildings on the Kenyon campus.



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