Address: College Drive
Architectural Style: Tudor Revival
Year Built: c. 1936
Architect/Builder: Unknown
Original Owner: Kenyon College

Funds for this building were donated to Kenyon College in 1935 by Charles Shaffer, a Chicago oil magnate and Class of 1883 Kenyon alumnus.  The building was dedicated as the Shaffer Pool in January 1936.  The Kenyon College swim team won a large number of Ohio Conference championships from the 1930s to the 1970s.

This building was constructed with a Tudor Revival style west wing, complete with half-timber design and steep gables, to help it blend with the Gothic Revival campus buildings.  Though primarily constructed in concrete, the exterior walls are covered in a heavy pebble aggregate that provides a false sense of age.  Three wall dormers extend above the roof on the west side, with the main entrance located in the southwest corner of the complex.  The east wing where the swimming pool was housed was built of concrete with a conservatory-style glass roof, which was appropriately nicknamed "The Greenhouse."  The glass roof has since been removed and replaced with a conventional wood gable to better suit the building's current function as a dance studio.  The upper portion of the exterior is covered with wood frame walls with vertical paneling.



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