Address: 100 College Drive
Architectural Style: Tudor Revival
Year Built: c. 1911
Architect/Builder: Unknown
Original Owner: Unknown

The house, which was constructed sometime around 1911, was named in honor of Frank Edgar Bailey, who had served Kenyon College as an instructor, dean, and as acting president.  The building was moved here in 1960 to make way for Chalmers Library.  It faced College Park before it was moved to this site.  The building is now used as the Provost's office.  Unlike most buildings constructed for Kenyon College, but still keeping with the medieval theme, this house is a beautiful early-20th century Tudor Revival.  The walls are covered in stucco and false half-timber patterns.  All of the windows are filled with tiny panes of leaded glass.  A rectangular oriel window at the rear of the house is supported by four wooden brackets.  Large three-pot chimneys can be found on the north and south elevations.  A deeply recessed porch with a heavy Tudor arch protects the main entrance.  The door is made of carved wood and large glass panes.  Several small dormers with hip roofs and leaded glass are scattered along the all elevations of the roofline.



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