Address: 407 Chase Avenue
Architectural Style: Log Construction
Year Built: c. 1828
Architect/Builder: Warner Terry
Original Owner: Unknown

Warner Terry, a veteran of the War of 1812, was born on November 18, 1796 in Cecil County, Maryland.  He came to Gambier with his family in 1826, where he served as an agent for Bishop Chase in overseeing the clearance of land for Kenyon College while Bishop Chase was away.  Terry also supervised the digging for college building foundations, and threw the first shovel of dirt in the groundbreaking ceremony.  He and his family lived on a farm nine miles north of Gambier before they moved to East Chestnut Street in Mount Vernon in 1831.  While in Mount Vernon, Terry was a well-known merchant, primarily a grocer, but he gave up this trade after only three years when his kidneys became diseased and it became too difficult for him to work.  His kidneys eventually began to hemorrhage, which led to his death on July 13, 1880.

Terry constructed this small cabin in 1828 to use as a workshop while he served as land clearance overseer.  It is said that this is one of, if not the oldest, buildings still standing in Gambier.  This cabin also housed for a time the first convention of the Episcopal Church held in Gambier, and later was used by Kenyon College as a storehouse.  Kenyon College moved the cabin to its current location sometime around 1871.  It was around this time that the property was owned by M. Ayers, and later  in the 19th century J. Harden.

This is a small, simple one and a half story front gable cottage, and is one of the oldest structures in Gambier.  It has a central entrance facing Chase Avenue.  On either side is a plain window with six panes in each sash.  Another entrance is located on the southern elevation, also in the center and flanked by single windows.  This side door is a later addition, may have been installed in the location of a fireplace.  The front gable has a window centered above the main entrance.  All of the windows are defined with false shutters.  There is a small extension at the rear of the house with a shed roof that was added at a later date.



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