Address: 103 Chase Avenue
Architectural Style: Italianate
Year Built: c. 1885
Architect/Builder: Unknown
Original Owner: Unknown

This house may have been moved to this location sometime in the late-19th or early-20th century.  It is possible, though, that it was built soon after a fire in 1885 that was supposed to have destroyed this block along Chase Avenue.  The home was at one time occupied by a window known as Mrs. Cunningham, who was reported  to have been very fond of children.  Not much is known about this widow, but her husband was a vestryman of Harcourt Parish.

The cornice of this simple frame Italianate house is defined by paired brackets, and the roof is topped by a central chimney.  The nearly full-length front porch was added sometime between the original construction of the house and 1897.  It's delicate, thin square columns with elaborate three-part Stick Style brackets is more in line with Queen Anne architecture.  There is a single-story breezeway that connects this house to the adjacent building to the north, that was added sometime in the 20th century, most likely when Kenyon College bought the property.



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