Address: 103 Chase Avenue (former 101)
Architectural Style: Greek Revival; Federal
Year Built: c. 1858; 1900s
Architect/Builder: Unknown
Original Owner: Unknown

This was once the home of George J. W. Pearcy, a Gambier shoemaker whose shop was located just north of this house.  Pearce was a member of the Epworth Methodist Church, and served as a parish trustee in the 1860s. In the early-20th century, this house was home to Dr. Welker, a well-respected Gambier physician.  His office was located in a small wing at the southern end of the house that has since been removed.  It is thought that the existing northern wing extending from the rear of the house once served as stables for Dr. Welker's horses.

The house was moved to this site from another location sometime in the early-1900s.  The entrance is located in the southern bay of the main facade, and is flanked by sidelights.  Typically Greek Revival houses also have transom windows above the door, but if this house ever had one, it has been removed or covered.  At the peak of the gable is a round arch window, more in common with Federal design.  The shutters give this small window a Palladian feel.  This house may be an example of transitional architecture, where the owner mixed old elements with up-and-coming design.



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