Address: 203 West Brooklyn Street
Architectural Style: Gothic / Tudor Revival
Year Built: c. 1862
Architect/Builder: Unknown
Original Owner: Rev. Marcus T. C. Wing

Red Wing was built by Reverence Marcus Tullius Cicero Wing prior to his death in 1863.  He was closely affiliated with Harcourt Parish and Kenyon College, having been a professor there since its establishment in 1824.  He was a clergyman for Gambier's Episcopal congregation, and also served the village as its first postmaster for many years.   He was removed from this position in 1846, after political turmoil within the county forced him to be replaced by Ben Elliott.  By 1849, however, a political "counter-revolution" reinstated Wing as postmaster, where he remained until he retired in 1853.  Wing later served in the 1860s as an Overseer of the Poor for College Township.

The home was named "Red Wing" in honor of its owner, and likely because of the red brick used to construct the house.  It has a steeply pitched cross gable roof, similar in design to Gothic and Tudor Revival styles.  The main entrance is surrounded by sidelights and a transom shaped into a shallow Tudor Revival arch.  The windows have sandstone sills and pediment-like lintels, and have fully functional shutters, including the tiny Gothic Revival lancet window tucked beneath the front gable.  Additional elements lending to the Gothic / Tudor Revival styles is the exposed, rusticated brick foundation.  The east side of the the house has a 2-story square bay that extends from the basement level to the first floor, and is likely original to the house or was added soon after it was constructed.  A screened-in rear balcony was most likely added in the 20th century.




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