Address: 300 East Brooklyn Street
Architectural Style: Vernacular
UnknownYear Built: c. 1890
Architect/Builder: Unknown
Original Owner: Unknown

From the exterior, the central portion of this odd little house appears to be what is commonly known as a two-story I-House, which means that the interior floorspace is defined by a central hallway flanked by a single room.  The property was owned by an M. C. Walker by 1896, and he may be the gentleman responsible for its construction.  The addition to the west was most likely added soon after original construction to provide more living space.  This small addition was enlarged at a later date to wrap around the rear of the house.  The eastern addition is reminiscent of Prairie Style architecture as popularized by American architect Frank Lloyd Wright, with its low-lying hip roof and tall end chimney.  The shallow oriel window in this addition, as well as the shallow oriel window of the main central portion of the house, appear to have been installed near the same time.



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