Address: 214 North Acland Street 
Architectural Style: American Foursquare 
Year Built: c. 1915 
Architect/Builder: Unknown 
Original Owner: Unknown 

This house stands on the land once occupied by the Kenyon Military Academy, a boys' military prep school.  The school terminated its program in 1906 after a fire resulted in the deaths of six students, and the land was sold for residential purposes beginning around 1915.

This house is a beautiful example of American Foursquare architecture, which typically has a square building footprint that can be divided into four equal parts.  The American Foursquare style usually sports a large dormer window projecting from all sides of the roof except for the rear, which this house has.  This residential style was highly popular in the United States with the rising middle class beginning around 1905 and lasting through the First World War.  The porch roof is supported by four smooth, rounded columns topped with Roman ionic capitals, giving the house a slight Classical flavor.  A central bay window projects from the second floor of the house, directly beneath the front dormer window and resting on top of the porch roof.  Directly below this 2nd-story bay window is an identical inverted bay, creating a deeply recessed entrance.  This is somewhat unusual for American Foursquare architecture, and it adds a unique character to this house.



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