Address: 102 North Acland Street 
Architectural Style: Queen Anne
Year Built: c. 1910
Architect/Builder: Unknown
Original Owner: Unknown

This lot of land once belonged to the Head family, although it is unknown exactly when it was completely constructed.  This house was constructed sometime between 1907 and 1903 when the previous dwelling either burned or was purposefully demolished.

The most striking feature of this house is the large gambrel roof stretched across a bay window and small recessed porch supported by a square column at the corner.  The roof is entirely covered in shaped slate shingles.  Corner returns are present in the gable where the angle of the roof changes.  This section of the roof also has a delicate, semi-circular vergeboard like detail.  A large dormer window with a hip roof projects from the southern elevation.  Other elements include a small, single-story kitchen wing at the rear of the house, also with a hip roof.



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