110 wsandusky1

Address: 110 West Sandusky Street
Architectural Style: Queen Anne; Craftsman
Year Built: c. 1885
Architect/Builder: Wilson S. Cummings (contractor)
Original Owner: Wilson S. Cummings

W. S. Cummings was a prominent local lumber merchant who built this house as a "model home" to showcase his construction skills, as well as to display the fine woods available in his lumber yard.  It is the largest and most elaborate home in the village, and for years was a social and cultural center of the community.  The Cummings family lost the house during the Great Depression, at which time it was acquired by Mary Jo Wintermute, a schoolteacher, for $4,500.  Mary was born on March 26, 1877 to Wellington Ashfourdey Wintermute and Louisa Hawkins.  The house served as the Methodist parsonage from 1973 to 1984, when it was purchased by Usher Levering.

The house exhibits ornate porches with turned posts and baluster rails, projecting bays and bargeboard trim.  The interior is just as stunning.  Many types of wood were used to create elaborate woodwork throughout the house.  Five large fireplaces, intricately carved from choice woods, are focal points.  The Methodist Church did some interior remodeling when they purchased the property.  Shade trees and shrubbery surround the house.  A carriage barn is also on the property.

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