27 nedgehill2

Address: 27 North Edgehill Drive
Architectural Style: Greek Revival
Year Built: 1834
Architect/Builder: unknown
Original Owner: Elias D. Delashment

The house was built soon after John Kerr, founder of Fredericktown, sold this parcel of land to Elias D. Delashment in 1834.  The Long family has owned this house since 1943, and took great efforts to restore it.  It is a fine example of Greek Revival architecture.  The front porch is deeply recessed.  Four massive square columns support a bold entablature with partial end returns.  The main entrance is iconic of Greek Revival architecture, with heavy sidelights and transom.  The interior is simple, with much of its original woodwork intact.  The house is situated on the edge of a steep incline, which enhances the grandiose, temple-like architecture.

27 nedgehill1